Take an Italian Sojourn

Sailing around Italy's Boot | 8-Day Itinerary

This exciting 8-day itinerary offers a glimpse into the legacy of civilizations between Civitavecchia and Venice. Embark on an Amalfi Coast excursion from Naples and tour Messina, Sicily’s cultural crossroads. Experience the beauty of Puglia in Bari and hear the echoes of ancient Greece in Crotone. Get a taste of  Italy’s most romantic city, Venice, for an overnight stay is a truly unforgettable experience. Close off your dream Italian holiday with the picturesque landscapes of Lake Como.

Day One | Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy

Step on board to begin your journey, with the ship berthed in Civitavecchia, the closest port to the airport and Rome. Relax and enjoy the many amenities on board the ship as you settle into your well-appointed stateroom. Perhaps you will take the day to take a Vespa scooter and explore the city and its economic landmarks such as Rome’s Colosseum.

Day Two | Naples Italy

With a rich history and a stunning seaside setting, Naples is famous for its pizza. For 500 years, the city was the seat of a powerful independent kingdom and a major center of Italian culture – so much so that it lured the region’s finest architects and artists. The San Francesco di Paola Church, a majestic public square with a colonnaded facade reminiscent of the Pantheon in Rome, stands on the grand Piazza del Plebiscito, while the Royal Palace overlooks Naples, displaying statues of all its kings.

Shore Excursion Ideas
  • Pompeii and Pizza | Drive through Naples and lunch at an authentic pizzeria before exploring Pompeii.

  • The Vistas and Villages of the Amalfi Coast | Enjoy breathtaking views while driving along two spectacular seaside villages.

  • Mt. Vesuvius 4×4 Journey | Ascend to the crater rim of Mt. Vesuvius in a 4×4 vehicle and by foot on this active site and thrilling excursion.

Day Three | Sicily (Messina), Italy

As you travel through Sicily today, you’ll stop in Messina, praised as one of Europe’s ten greatest cities when it fell under Spanish rule in the 17th century. Get a glimpse of the surrounding mountains, picturesque orange groves, and rolling vineyards. You’ll see the best of the city during a tour, including Piazza Municipio and the hillside Votive Temple of Christ the King. Visit Etna’s towering volcano or Taormina’s ancient temples and arenas.

Shore Excursion Ideas
  • Barone di Villagrande Wine Tasting | Sip fine Sicilian wine and sample local flavors

  • Sicilian Ride Through Rustic Villages | Drive through an idyllic Italian island to experience the Sicilian atmosphere of The Godfather film trilogy.

  • Messina | Explore the architectural and artistic treasures.

Day Four | Crotone, Italy

Explore Crotone’s rich history as a Greek colony founded in 710 BC. The city, which boasts a great deal of archaeological relics, was once known as the home of many of the Hellenic Empire’s most illustrious figures, such as Pythagoras, whose mathematical theories changed Western thought. You can admire the Neoclassical cathedral, explore the Pythagoras Museum and Gardens, and wander along the waterfront and through the Crotone castle.

Shore Excursion Ideas

  • San Floro Silk Experience | Learn about the intricate history of silk weaving within the walls of a 15th century castle on the Italian peninsula.

  • Ceraudo Winery | Visit one of the Val di Neto region’s most celebrated wineries to explore Calabrian wines and family traditions.

Day Five | Bari, Italy

Across the palm-lined streets of sunny Bari, you’ll find romantic, honey-toned balcony houses, welcoming courtyards and Romanesque and baroque churches. Wander the Norman-Swabian castle, the splendid Romanesque Basilica of St. Nicholas and the Petruzzelli Theater, one of Italy’s most prominent opera houses, and stroll the picturesque waterfront. UNESCO has designated Alberobello’s whitewashed buildings with conical roofs a World Heritage Site, making it a fascinating trulli-style town.

Shore Excursion Ideas

  • Barone di Villagrande Wine Tasting | Sip fine Sicilian wine and sample local flavors

  • Sicilian Ride Through Rustic Villages | Drive through an idyllic Italian island to experience the Sicilian atmosphere of The Godfather film trilogy.

  • Messina | Explore the architectural and artistic treasures.

Day Six & Seven | Venice (Chioggia), Italy

Venetian rule over the Adriatic waves lasted for over a millennium. Many Europeans fled to Venice and its nearby towns, including Chioggia, as the Roman Empire declined during the 8th century. In no time, the city-state flourished thanks to the skills of its merchants. Byzantine and Islamic architecture are reflected in the canal banks of the Venetian Lagoon, reflecting Venice’s powerful trading network. The first vaporetto traversed the Grand Canal in 1881; along with the gondolas, these iconic Venetian water buses provide Venice’s transportation system. All things Venetian begin in St. Mark’s Square, where its elegant campanile, or bell tower, rings over the rooftops, and the Byzantine-Gothic St. Mark’s Basilica seems to preside over all. Beyond St. Mark’s and away from the crowds, Venice is a hushed and intriguing city to explore on foot, with medieval echoes marking every step.

Shore Excursion Ideas

  • Unraveling St. Mark’s Square & Doge’s Palace | Stroll past the famous Dogeʹs Palace and to beautiful St. Markʹs Basilica on this walking tour of Venice.

  • Venetian Islands, Burano & Murano |  Explore Venice’s beautiful outlying islands and take in the beautiful squares of European cities.

  • Carnival Glass Making Workshop | Witness the work and craftsmanship behind one of the world’s most festive annual parties – Carnival of Venice

  • Explore Historic Padau | Located on the Bacchiglione River, this city offers scenic views. Padua experienced the Renaissance under Venetian rule during the 16th century, with public buildings, soaring churches, and arcaded streets.

Day Eight & Nine | Lake Como

In the northern Lake District of Italy, your private car and driver will take you from Venice to the heart of the region. Upon reaching the picturesque shores of Lake Como, you’ll check into your hotel. During the remainder of the day, you are at leisure to relax or explore as you please.

Lake Como’s western shore is affectionately known as the Noble Wing due to its grand villas and former seasonal palaces. A beautiful lakeside garden and a soaring Alpine backdrop add to the majesty of the landscapes. With a skipper and English-speaking guide on board, your private motorboat tour of Lake Como will be intimate and paced just how you prefer. You’ll step ashore in the town of Como at the southern end of the eponymous lake to do a bit of exploring. Prior to arriving back at your hotel, you may want to take a stroll along Como’s waterfront promenade and visit the Cathedral from the 14th century.

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